Kayla-Ann is a talented, dynamic chef who has always had a passion for cooking. "I always wanted to be in the kitchen from a very young age, right from the days I spent cooking with my Gran. I have been obsessed with food ever since. It was never really a choice I made, it was just what was going to happen". 

Her love of fresh, seasonal and locally sourced produce has driven her to create dishes that honour the flavours and textures of the ingredients. Each dish plated intentionally to showcase the food she pairs. Her dedication and unique style saw her receive The Rising Star Award in the 2017 Eat Out Awards.

"My style of food is all about flavour.  I like to cook what I would like to eat.  My goal is simple: Focus on the natural flavours of the produce and work out what complements it".

"I try to make my food approachable to every day eaters yet still exciting enough to walk away from a meal at The Chefs' Table eager to come back". 




Kayla-Ann Osborn is awarded The Rising Star of the year 2017 — Eat Out Awards

"’re guaranteed a selection of both land and sea ingredients, cooked well and presented beautifully. " — Nicola Ashe's Review on Eat Out

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